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Updated: Aug 23, 2023

There are two days in my life where I truly felt my heart stop. May 19, 2011 and March 18, 2022.

March 18, 2022 the day you left this earth to be a true angel. The day a car accident, a true accident for all parties took you from this world. I’ll never forget the utter pain that filled my body the moment mom told me you were gone. I remember just telling her “no” and saying “what” in disbelief. To be honest Ice, some days I still don’t believe you’re gone and I’m just waiting for you to call or walk into a room smiling.

The last year without you has been filled with a lot of pain, sadness, tears, heartache and more. The world is slowly beginning to feel bright again but not as bright as it was when you were here. I can promise you we are all doing our best down here Ice, to smile, laugh and be filled with joy just as you were and as you’d want for us all.

I know with more time that’ll be easier, even if there’s always a hole in our hearts without you here. There’s so many things I could say about you, how much we (and everyone who knew you) misses you, and how the world has a big void without you here. But so much of that doesn’t even need to be said, everyone who knew you feels it and knows it.

March 18 will always have a scar. It’ll always bring pain and tears. But it’s just a reminder of the love we have for you and the love you had for us all. We miss you Ice, we always will.

To one of the best men I’ve ever had the pleasure of not only knowing but also calling my brother. I hope your first year in heaven has been more amazing than anyone could imagine, you deserve it.

Love you Ice. Give a hug to everyone else I love up there. Say hi to Kiki, Grannie, Peepaw, Dad and Brittany for me. Keep them smiling, keep them loving, keep the light flowing. You’re one of a kind little brother, you always will be.

My Brother Isaac Podcast Episode

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